Maintenance Gangs

Specific needs at specific times.

Our Engineers are experienced in the following onsite heavy maintenance requirements for all types of gas turbine helicopters.


  • Heavy Maintenance Inspections. 
  • Testing and Vibration Analysis.
  • Modifications, STC’s, Engineering Orders.
  • Onsite Refurbishments.
  • Leased Aircraft Returns. 
  • Safety Audits, Department risk analysis and planning. 
  • Maintenance Control and Tech planning. 
  • Standard and Progressive SOM.
  • Oil and Gas, EMS SAR.
  • Qualifications held on most helicopter Categories.


Are you an international customer?

There are prerequisites for our engineers to work overseas. 

We can assist you with making this an easy process and are happy to help. 

 Do a Good Job and get it done! 

Is what our clients ask of us.

Heavy maintenance inspections can present time delays on operations and fatigue on Line Maintenance crews. 

Localcorp Vtol prides itself in working hard  so your company can meet it's contract obligations. 

Talk to us to to meet your company requirements.

About Us

Tailored Engineering


We work with you to figure out exactly what maintainers your operation needs. Once that is established, our team source the right engineer to fit your heavy maintenance projects.  Booking an engineer begins the conversation!

Company Compliance


Are you concerned about inducting our engineers? We'll assist your internal admin processes and get this sorted for you. Police checked, ASIC approved and DAMP tested. Every company Induction is different. Let us help you, by getting our engineers compliant ready for your operation

Customer Support


We know your business is running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So it's imperative you have help outside of the regular office hours. You can reach someone for an emergency at any time of the day or night. Supporting you around the clock is our business.